Strategic Marketing Communications —
Competitive Advantage

There Is No Marketing without Strategy

Many organizations evolved their marketing and communications programs with one key component missing—a marketing strategy. Doing business without one is like steering a car with the rear view mirror. Yes, on occasion you might make it out the driveway, however, like a plan without a strategy you’re not going to get too far. Implementing a strategic marketing plan will not only set your organization on a charted course, it will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

If you have to ask, you don’t have one

There is no test for having a strategic marketing program, you would know it if you had one. There are certain conditions that will indicate you don’t have one. Here are a few we’ve identified.

When Strategy Is Missing Look for These Conditions to Be Present

  • Senior management and the marketing department are not in alignment
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  • Inexperienced marketing director and staff members
  • Organizational politics
  • Service lines and products are kept alive long after they should
    have been retired
  • Communications and ad programs have no history of success
  • No metrics in place to measure the effectiveness of marketing programs
  • An attitude of “That’s just how we do things”

Our 4-Stage Process Delivers Marketing Programs that Work

Transforming an organization’s brand image, communications and competitive marketplace presence requires an amalgamation of different disciplines and talents—none more important than a strategic marketing process capable of delivering powerful results. While each client we work with is unique, our Strategic Marketing Process ensures that the work we produce meets the established parameters for strategic direction, execution and objectives.


Inquiry: The state of the organization’s marketing and communications programs using diagnostic assessment, primary research and analysis


Definition and Alignment: Identifies brand opportunities, positioning, messaging, value propositions, media opportunities


Execution: Development and implementation of creative; including art, copy, broadcast and digital programs


Assessment: Metrics, program audits, data evaluation, and modification

New Opportunities for Growth and New Openings to Take Action

Investing the time and resources in a strategic marketing program will create new opportunities for building business and new openings to take decisive action. Planning creates alignment and an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork—ultimately a well-executed strategic marketing program will transform brand image, communications and competitive marketplace presence.
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