We Build Brands Using Technology And Creativity


Smart choices come out of smart research. Understanding an organization’s strengths, needs, and readiness to connect with an audience is critical before making business decisions that will impact media and creative development budgets. With this in mind, RCG offers a range of marketing research and consulting programs that provide clients with valuable insights, strategic recommendations, and enhanced performance.


The information we gain from research must be interpreted and translated. This requires the talents of a strategic alchemist—a specialist who can turn raw data into pure gold. Strategic analysis helps us profile, define, and understand our target audience. It also helps us spot brand opportunities and identify factors like differentiation, customer needs, and communication expectations. Ultimately, the research we conduct enables us to focus on the essential value propositions, messaging, and media vehicles that will build brand equity and increase market share.


To thrive, brands must stand out. To stand out, they must connect with communications that ignite interest, capture mindshare, and catapult success. We understand. So whether we’re working on design, advertising, or digital projects, we don’t stop searching for ideas or stop exploring for opportunities until we uncover innovative solutions that differentiate our client’s brand, arrest our customer’s attention, and deliver exceptional results.

Digital Development

Creating a meaningful presence in today’s digital universe requires innovative thinking and a broad understanding of the different digital platforms and venues. We speak from experience; RCG has developed enhanced websites and digital programs for both national and global companies—in multiple platforms as well as multiple languages.

Digital Marketing

Whether you’re a web newbie or you’ve had a digital marketing presence since the beginning, one thing is clear—planning and strategy is at the core of every successful digital program. Beyond this, you need a company that understands the growing number of digital vehicles available for an online campaign. Equally important, they must know how to use these resources to create a multi-faceted program that resonates with customers.

Social Marketing

Today, making Social Marketing an integral part of an advertising and marketing program is critical for companies who want to remain competitive. Social media is now the fastest growing segment in advertising, helping companies increase brand awareness, build trust and discover new markets. Our social marketing strategy includes profile creation, website integration, CRM engagement planning, monitoring, measuring and auditing.