Kathie Papera, Social Media Strategist

Long before it was popular, Kathie was a master of social networking. Growing up in a military family and moving to a new school every two years required making connections—fast. She started her career at Hal Riney Partners in San Francisco working with their interactive team to launch the first ever automobile manufacturer website—SaturnCars.com and the EV1 Electric Vehicle. She has since developed Social Media and Marketing programs for a wide variety of clients.

In her spare time, Kathie founded a successful online business called Lilypad Baby, a site that sells everything baby. Her other specialties include: Online Marketing, eCommerce, Database Management, and Reciprocal Linking.

Kathie is the mother of two young children—musicians who play multiple instruments really well and really loud.

BA, Liberal Arts, California State University, Chico
Sandpipers, Volunteer