Honeywell Transportation Systems is a global organization that provides turbocharging technologies to OEM’s in the auto and truck industry and to performance race car manufacturers. Their primary markets include the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

Honeywell's portfolio of turbochargers covers the broadest range of engine applications, from micro cars with engines below 1L to off-highway applications with engine displacement above 100L.

RCG began working with Honeywell in 1999 primarily in print media including magazines, brochures, technical bulletins and product information. In 2009 RCG was given the assignment of transitioning Honeywell from print media to digital — helping to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in printing costs each year. To date RCG has built and programmed half a dozen websites for Turbo Technologies including the current corporate website which we have managed since it was first launched. Each site we have developed has required multiple languages and in some cases large product databases.

Additional digital work we develop includes online banner ads, emails, apps, and interactive trade show programs. We even do the annual digital Holiday card. While Honeywell cut way back on print, they didn't abandon it completely. RCG has been designing a racing calendar for Motorsports since 2004. More than once we've gone back on press to print more due to demand.

In 2014 Honeywell Transportation Systems merged with Honeywell Aerospace opening up new opportunities for RCG, including video production and interior space design.