Riva Audio

The manufacturer of some of the finest wireless Bluetooth audio products available was only missing one thing—a strong identity. We were tasked to brand Riva Audio and have all the components stay true to their theme line: Designed to Amaze.

This was no easy undertaking given that the Chief Creative Officer, Rikki Farr, was responsible for work with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Guns n' Roses, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and so many more. The scope of our engagement included a standards guide, new website that was responsive for tablets and mobile phones, product packaging, assignment photography/videography, print/online ad campaigns and collateral materials. The feedback thus far is as positive as the reviews of their products.

Castrol (Part of BP Lubricants USA Inc.)

The name Castrol is synonymous with premium-quality, high-performance and leading-edge technology in lubrication. Castrol is widely acknowledged as a leading provider of lubricant solutions—a long-standing position built on innovation and leadership.

We were asked by Castrol to help launch a new software product that was custom-developed for its customers; Castrol Labcheck Next Generation (LCNG). This online platform revolutionized the way users receive and manage oil-sampling results and recommendations. The challenge was to introduce the new product and train thousands of maintenance professionals on how to use the program. Planned over a nine-month period, our plan included ongoing email newsletters, updates and online training sessions. Additionally, a micro-website and video overview were developed to provide further program support.

During the ramp-up to launch, RCG conducted a competitive assessment to identify marketing opportunities. Included in our research were interviews with Castrol marketing managers, customers, distributors and key competitors. The resulting marketing report laid out study findings, positioning opportunities, recommendations and rationale. The approved recommendations were then implemented into all of the new marketing materials, including brochures, web pages, and online slide presentations.

Reports from Castrol management and LCNG customers confirmed that the launch of the new program was well received and successful.


Honeywell Transportation Systems is a global organization that provides turbocharging technologies to OEM’s in the auto and truck industry and to performance race car manufacturers. Their primary markets include the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

Honeywell's portfolio of turbochargers covers the broadest range of engine applications, from micro cars with engines below 1L to off-highway applications with engine displacement above 100L.

RCG began working with Honeywell in 1999 primarily in print media including magazines, brochures, technical bulletins and product information. In 2009 RCG was given the assignment of transitioning Honeywell from print media to digital — helping to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in printing costs each year. To date RCG has built and programmed half a dozen websites for Turbo Technologies including the current corporate website which we have managed since it was first launched. Each site we have developed has required multiple languages and in some cases large product databases.

Additional digital work we develop includes online banner ads, emails, apps, and interactive trade show programs. We even do the annual digital Holiday card. While Honeywell cut way back on print, they didn't abandon it completely. RCG has been designing a racing calendar for Motorsports since 2004. More than once we've gone back on press to print more due to demand.

In 2014 Honeywell Transportation Systems merged with Honeywell Aerospace opening up new opportunities for RCG, including video production and interior space design. 


Take one parent company, 11 subsidiary businesses and countless different opinions and what do you get?

Typically, chaos. But Wedgewood wanted a cohesive brand to unite all of its companies and engaged us to solve that complex assignment.

Each company needed its own identity, yet they all had to live within the same family.

By creating a palate of strong colors, along with a unifying graphic and typographic style, we were able to establish an environment where they all could coexist in harmony.

This design methodology was applied to a broad spectrum of marketing materials including stationary, print and online advertising, collateral materials, recruitment brochures and websites.

With positive feedback throughout the real estate industry, we can now consider this deal closed.

UCLA Anderson School of Management

UCLA’s renowned Anderson School of Management was looking to improve its positioning and overall communications strength in two key programs: FEMBA, the Fully Employed MBA program and EMBA, the Executive MBA program. RCG began this project by conducting in-depth interviews with key administrators, students, and recent alumni. The main focus of the interviews was to gain better understanding of the motivation and concerns of individuals pursuing different types of MBA programs. We also wanted additional insight on students’ perception of the program and where they hoped to take their professional careers.

We prepared reports for each program, detailing key findings along with recommendations for communication platforms. RCG developed creative briefs that captured student motivational aspirations and reinforced key UCLA brand program strengths. Based on our findings, new program materials were produced including advertising, brochures, posters, and an updated website.

Manhattan Beach Education Foundation

The mission of the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation is to fund grants for the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. An escalating challenge considering the number of school organizations competing for local donor dollars. In 1994 the MBEF hosted a wine auction that generated a small profit. Recognizing the potential for greater success, RCG was asked in 1997 to help establish the event and grow it into an annual fund raising gala.

The result: over the past 15 years RCG has helped The Manhattan Beach Education Foundation build one of the largest charity wine auctions in the country. For over 10 years the 1600-person event has been sold-out weeks in advance. Through the efforts of our branding initiatives—which include identity, direct mail, newspaper advertising and numerous collateral materials—the wine auction has seen increased profits with each successive year.