A New Era of Medical Marketing

In case you haven’t noticed we’ve entered a new era of medical marketing. If you’re a hospital, specialized healthcare provider, or medical device manufacturer, marketing your products and services now requires more knowledge and more expertise in more areas then at any time in the history of marketing. One thing has become blatantly clear

—”Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine” – Robert C. Gallagher.
A New Era of Medical Marketing   

Marketing practices from the past are no longer sufficient to get you into the future

Blame it on the meteoric rise of digital advertising and marketing programs and the breakthroughs occurring on a daily basis.

Today’s healthcare marketing personnel are stretched and have little time to engage with the new technology much less keep up. And even if they could, they’d be hard pressed to compete with the pros that live and thrive in this universe.

We know that hospitals and healthcare organizations operate like other businesses with divisions, service lines, and products all being carefully managed by sales projections and financial goals that determine future viability. Not so obvious are the host of successful healthcare organizations that have invoked new marketing strategies capitalizing on this new era of medical marketing. What this means to those lagging behind is that Incremental improvement is no longer sufficient to keep you competitive in the healthcare arena.

Incremental improvement is the result you get from doing more, better or different versions of what you have already been doing.

Standing for a new era of medical marketing

In today’s business environment medical marketing professionals must make long-term commitments to invest their dollars where they think the future lies. Those who are bold enough to take a hard look at their marketing programs—and tell the truth about what’s working and what’s not will open doors to new marketing opportunities previously unseen and unavailable. (Read more)

Stepping into this arena takes courage and the willingness to let go of those programs and practices that are bankrupt and no longer working – which begs the question: What are you willing to stand for?

Four essential components for a marketing transformation


Establishes a business mentality about marketing. Takes responsibility for outcomes generated by marketing programs. Demonstrates commitment to marketing through investment in strategic initiatives.


Defines and educates everyone on the role marketing plays in the organization. Provides a clear and shared understanding of marketing strategies and plans; including player’s roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.


Effect change through insight and experimentation. Challenge the status quo in product, service, and delivery practices. Encourage unconventional thinking about audience, competitors and industry.


At the core of a marketing transformation is being in communication. Keeping people updated and appraised at all times helps to avoid surprises and creates an atmosphere of trust, inclusion and ownership.

Characteristics of a marketing transformation

There’s no mystery to knowing if you’ve transformed your medical marketing program. Here are a few tell tale signs you’ll notice when you’ve been successful. They include and are not limited to:

  • Unexpected and unpredictable results
  • New openings for people to take decisive action
  • A reorganization of the way in which work gets done
  • A dramatic increase in productivity
  • An increase in people’s energy and aliveness

Are you ready to transform your medical marketing program?

There’s amazing technology available today that enables us as marketers to develop, employ and measure the effectiveness of marketing programs—information and tools that provide insights and detail never dreamed of before. Taking advantage of these opportunities is essential to be competitive in the current healthcare marketplace. If your marketing program is not delivering the results you would like, it may be time for you to take a stand for your own marketing transformation.

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