Art Center College of design

The field of advertising has undergone dramatic changes since the rise of digital communications and global competition. Art Center College of Design, one of the worlds most prestigious design schools, has struggled to maintain a state-of-the-art advertising program amid these profound changes. In the wake of this industry turmoil, RCG was asked to help Art Center better understand the competitive marketplace for advertising and design schools and to also review departmental goals and objectives.

Internal interviews were conducted with faculty, staff, and students to better understand their aspirations, concerns, and challenges. An assessment of key competitor schools and programs was also conducted to establish normative standards on curriculum offerings and ascertain how new trends in advertising were being addressed. Next, a forum on The Future of Advertising was held in New York City. Our purpose was twofold: identify advertising trends and provide recommendations on how ACCD could re-invent its offerings. To this end, we assembled 22 of the industries leading practitioners. A report on this very special workshop with recommendations was delivered to the school.